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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rick Santelli...I used to admire you

I don't know what to say..."Thank You" is the obvious answer, but I'm torn between the human need for consumption and my very vocal belief that we are in such dire times that a gold ring with my initials in diamonds is so very wrong. I love these two beings; they can't even begin to digest what goes on in my mind about indulgence.

There is not a moment that the suffering I see around me every day, every day that I know I'm blessed with a lifestyle most people can't enjoy. I wring my hands every day watching CNBC. I used to be a great fan of Rick Santelli of the Chicago commodities exchange until he went on a tangent two days ago about the government's proposed help for people about to go into foreclosure. He grandiosely screamed to the floor, "...who wants to subsidize someone who has an extra bathroom...". The floor was silent, and I am, too. There are people who--with an extra bathroom--who work, have problems, and worry about what will happen. Rick Santelli--a man I used to admire--should count his bathrooms. I have been around a long time, and I have never seen worries arising like I do now. I, for instance, have never, ever seen a period where people can't afford to feed their pets and depend on new organizations formed to help them. Rick Santelli, I used to watched you every day and admire your insight...but, Rick Santelli, you have become a part of that which has devoured us as a nation. You are a schmuck without an ounce of honor.


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