"the" Mrs. Astor

Monday, June 01, 2009

June 1 means only one thing in Florida, the start of hurricane season. And right on queue, the heavens opened up with a deluge at noon which stranded everyone where they were. These things usually don't last long, and that is why everyone knows wwhere the best awnings are. Unfortunately, Mr. Astor was caught under the carport and called to say he forgot his lunch; it was getting steadily worse so I just assumed he would know that I would make the run around the house to give it to him. Instead, he ran around the back on the North side as I ran--lunch in hand--around to the front on the South side of the house. Now it was truly raining buckets and I was trapped under the carport with poor Leopoldo trapped inside. And, so it begins.

The rains eventually let up and I took a trip to the gym; it makes so much
more sense to watch Law and Order on the elliptical machine. But when I did return I took a look at my two new darlings of the internet, Nick and Eddie, and noticed a favorite of theirs, The Little Pigs by Disney. Made in 1936, I was awed by the easily recognized comparison of the wolf to Hitler and the complacent little pigs of Europe. Maybe I read to much into this on a rainy afternoon, but it is still a gem.


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