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Monday, May 25, 2009

"Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Dhani Jones refused to stop dancing in the street, police said.

Florida Panthers forward Ville Peltonen allegedly hit a fire-rescue truck with a metal pole
Marlins All-Star pitcher Dontrelle Willis was "confused and disoriented" while driving his black Bentley, police said."

Good Lord, is this is what the much feared, ever maligned for eight years Memorial Day Weekend has come down to? Call me jaded, but that is an ordinary weekend. And, really, who should really stop dancing in the street? And, poor Dontrelle....where was his driver during all this; maybe Dontrelle just needed to get home.

The count....Memorial Day Weekend was a boon for business; all the low-lives had been left behind in the carnage of years past coupled with the bad economy. The business owners I know were divided. Those in "the thick of things" enjoyed enormous profits; those dependent upon weekend visitors from the mainland and locals suffered dearly. Their customers were afraid to come out.

I think we can all declare the fears of the last eight years over; from what I saw, from what I heard, it was a well-organized event during which everyone had fun. For us, this is the end of the year; now hurricane season begins...and, I fear the hurricanes more than urban party monsters.


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