"the" Mrs. Astor

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am not really into the early morning gym routine anymore; I like the early afternoon when I can spend one hour on each machine watching Law and Order rather than watching the pre-opening of the market on CNBC in the morning. (It makes you want to run and hide). I was forced out today in the early morning by my favorite possum, Leopoldo; it was hard, but it was good.

After we had a late breakfast, I was forced to dress for a trip downtown (to Leopoldo's eye doctor). For Mr. Astor, dressing is life, it is everything, it is the measure of what your own measure of yourself adds up to. So, I added a trip to a wonderful restaurant we went to when we were dating and agreed to conform. Leopoldo always is the height of fashion; I probably am just on a staircase up to that floor. But, it is fun to climb up.


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