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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I shouldn't jinx it by mentioning my belief that this past weekend marked the end of the non-stop visitors. I watched it morph into visits that used to begin on Friday and end on Sunday to arrivals on Thursday and departures on Wednesday. I can finally concentrate on ridding myself of this nagging cold and get back to work on our projects.
Of course, no one put a gun to our head to go out all day and night, but it sure was fun. Henrietta, as always, was the star of the night. I get such a kick at watching the faces of tourists and then asking if the have met The Queen of South Beach. And, then there are the strippers, who need no introduction.

And, we had a surprise visit from Carl; his club, The Balconies in Puerto Vahatta, was closed by the government along with every other business in an attempt to contain the Swine Flu. It pretty much seems to not be the threat perceived last week and everything should reopen in Mexico by the end of the week. Our livers should also come back from the cleaners by then.


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