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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Miami Beach is such a colorful town; there's always something popping up in front of you to grab your attention. If it is not the brilliant blue of the sky, it is a drag queen on Lincoln Rd. in broad daylight.

We attended some of the Cinco de Mayo celebrations on Tuesday and met up with Carl and many friends on the one just off Lincoln Rd. We were tired and both had colds, but there are some things which just can't be missed.
A very popular Mexican restaurant, El Rancho Grande, throws a block party every year; there are several, large block parties, but this is our favorite (and the closest to home). It goes on for six hours or so (or about the time it took the woman in the foreground to get that eye makeup just right).

Everyone is happy at a block party like this one was; the weather was superb, the crowd 90% Latin (that made me happy), and the beer and tequila flowing.

And, of course, you always end up a a bar afterwards, as we did at Score to see one of favorites, Kathy.


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