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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The party if over; the New Yorkers and New Englanders have all returned home (or to their summer homes in Rhode Island, as the case may be). There will be no grand feasts until October when the party begins again (between the lack of help and the pounding heat, outdoor feasting doesn't make sense). "The Party" is actually what we call Season. Unlike the rest of the nation, Memorial Day signals the very end of Season; now hurricane season starts. The weekend, itself, signals something else: the near hysterical flight of the locals out of town to escape the Hip Hop event entitled Black Urban Weekend. The non-stop Hip Hop events are looked forward to by the business community as any such entity in a resort town would, but there are always problems. It may have to do with 250,000 people descending down upon a town of 90,000 that worries. Still, I have predicted to anyone who would listen and was panicking, that it will be much ado about nothing. Properly handled, even the Visigoths can be coaxed to spend their last gold on a great party or meal.

Last weekend here was either an usually excessive display of indecency or "great fun". The two are too close to call sometimes, but as Terry quipped, "What goes on in the back yard, stays in the back yard".


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Tosca15 said...

I hope you, Leo and your sweetie possum friends have a great weekend, in spite of those hip hoppers. Penny and I are spending the weekend in Key West!


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