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Sunday, November 15, 2009

With the run-off election just days away, the pace of events and meetings has taken on manic proportions. But we had to squeeze in the now mandatory visit to happy hour at Twist; I watched Maria make a stunning entrance-alone-to many gasps. That woman has style!
Sitting commissioner, Dede Weithorne, unexpectedly dropped by to support Maria; Twist General Manager, Valentino is on the left with the drink tickets :-) It did pass through my mind that if Maria and Michael were elected, and Dede showing up, that if we had another surprise visit by the mayor we'd have a quorum and really get some things done like firing a third of City Hall and placing the entire Code Enforcement team in a re-education camp to teach them that their job is to help businesses not destroy them. Those Code members who didn't get it would be shot.
I find it interesting that ever since we took the now Mayor but then unknown Mattie Bower out the Twist that it has become the first club on the political schedule to visit. I also have noted that the candidates inevitably run over the time schedule because they always seem to be having such a good time. Here, Maria is with Twist owner, Joel Stedman.

Candidates for Commission from districts two and three in this runoff, Michael Gongora and Maria Mayer, with political activist and probably the biggest thorn in City Hall's side, Mike Burke.

And we'll save the most handsome photo for last.
Today there is a gathering at Halo at 5 PM from where everyone will march over to City Hall's early voting; in a nice little touch, everyone who brings back they "I Voted" sticker will get a free drink.


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