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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

To no one's surprise our beloved Mayor, Mattie Bower, trounced her two opponents with 77 % of the vote last night. We all knew that such a beloved character would not lose, but off-year elections always scare me, so we worked hard anyway. One of her most savvy advisers, my friend and political mentor Mike is behind Mattie along with the first bartender I ever had a crush on here, Nathan (white, I know; but we all make mistakes :-) The real surprise was the race between Michael Gongora and another gay man, Alex. This was a dirty race with negative ads and printings against Michael coming from who-knows-were (but I'm will to make a gay opinion). Alex finished last, leaving a run-off between Michael and Gabrielle, so out we go again.

Do you ever have a celebrity whom from the very beginning you didn't like and even come to loath. My good friend Jaime moved some time back from South Beach to Newport where his boyfriend had a good job at one of the most famous restaurants there, The Clarke Cooke House. In comes Kevin with an entourage and sits at his table; looks like a plum night doesn't it? Well, Kevin's group decides to light up cigarettes and his waiter asks them politely not to smoke; Kevin calls him a name and others light up. The waiter's manager complains to him that if the owner knew they were all breaking state law and that he was insulting the great actor, he would be fired, so the waiter went back and jokingly said, "Please, you can only smoke if you are fire here." Spacey went berserk, called him a prick and said, "You are a pushy little fuck, now get the fuck away...". The manage bemoaned that the owner was going to be angry when he learned Spacey had been insulted and a few days later the waiter was let go and replaced.
there's an interview here.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Congratulations to Mayor Mattie!

The Kevin Spacey thing doesn't surprise me. There have been lots of reports of his rudeness. Too bad about the guy losing his job but his video interview was hilarious! :)


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