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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I must report that the Twist cookout for commission candidate, Michael Gongora, was a fun and successful evening. Here I captured what could only be described as The Powers That Be in Clubland here. Edison Farrow, Twist owners Richard Trainor and Joel Stedman, Michael Gongora, Halo owner Babek, and Score owner Billy. There was only one owner missing and that was Tom from Palace, but he certainly wasn't missed. Poor Michael lost the last election by only 31 votes, emphasising our need to get out the vote in an off-year election.
Judge David Young showed up with a lot of good advice and a generous donation.

Thomas Barker was with his German friend, Tommy.

We may have succeeded in stopping the White Fly, but the damage was dreadful. Our gorgeous trees were decimated, leaving gaps and way too many vantage points for the condo building next door to peek in and, if you have ever been here, you know that NO ONE here wants anyone to see what goes on. So, the only reasonable course of action was to purchase new plants and they filled up the back yard yesterday in preparation for planting.

This was just the beginning; further deliveries filled the front yard with exotic, but tasteful new plants. Great sections of the back yard are being torn out for what we all just adore: A Whole New Look. Now that the oppressive weather is over, perhaps we will be given a breather. Oh, I spoke too soon; the cool weather has triggered an assault by ants wanting to get out of the "cold" and into the house. It is always something.


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