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Friday, October 16, 2009

Just When...

...you thought it was safe in our backyard. Yesterday, the new gardener ask, "Have you seen the bees?". I replied, "Funny you should ask that. One got into the house yesterday, and I had never had that happen." "Come with me," he said.
He took me over to the walkway along the south side of the house and there it was: a huge beehive on our neighbor's property, but nearly hanging over ours. I had never seen anything like that so close, and the gardener said it was growing fast. It's been one bloody thing after another this summer. On top of that he warned to be careful as most local bees have bred with the African species and "are extremely aggressive". Tell me about it; I was bitten by one several weeks ago, a particularly nasty one. What's next?

Then we can go to the Theater of The Absurd: Miapolis. This project that just been unveiled to occupy Watson's Island between South Beach and the mainland. Appropriately, The Baroness Seitzinger sent it to me as all overdone, preposterous idea seem to immediately be run by her.
It is not lost on anyone, of course, the blending of the words Metropolis and Miami. The project advertised here promises many benefits to the city and total private investment. This on the heels of the bankruptcy of the new, tower The (Empty) Everglades and the tragically low occupancy of all the other towers built with investor money and blind ambition downtown. I told The Baroness that I had a large box of Imperial Russian War Bonds that I'd be willing to use for my investment (she opted to keep collecting jewels as they were so easily hidden during revolutions).


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