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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Miami Herald was so cute today; even cuter than its main rival, The Jack and Jill Reader. They added to the list of creatures I am battling a new one: The Woolly Mammoth. I'm not exactly going to be sharpening my bamboo reeds (another plant out of control) for a battle tonight. This was just their way of saying, "If you thought last night's drop in temperature was bad (into the sixties), wait for tonight when it will go down to near Ice Age temps of 50 degrees. Still, after three months of 95 by day and 85 at night, it will be dreamy--as long as it lasts only a day or so. We wouldn't want to overdo it.

It was a wonderful relief to go outside today. It was crisp and clear with not a mosquito or white fly in sight; although I wore Capri pants, I did have the good sense to don a short, fashionable jacket for my bike ride. I suspect the fur vaults of Bal Harbour are being raided today in some manner akin to the assault on Rome by the Visigoths (although, here their name are undoubtedly Visigothstein). By tomorrow the town will be awash in leather and fur, and a parade of this will undoubtedly take place on Lincoln Rd. Like a good, frugal New Englander I will opt for a blue blazer, but it just might have to be cashmere.


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