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Friday, October 23, 2009

In case you don't know it, there is still civility and tradition in this world. Karl-Philip Prinzhorn married Countess Anna von und zu Eltz at the parish church at Altaussee, Austria, this week. The bride's parents are Count Alexander and Countess Maria von und zu Eltz. The groom is the son of Thomas Prinzhorn and Countess Therese zu Hardegg, and a stepson of F├╝rst Karl von Schwarzenberg.

Alas, we seem to have forsaken such standards.
Stepping (or Goose-Stepping) to that...
It is so easy to make fun of the Republicans. They have managed to get themselves down to a percentage of acknowledged voters to just 20%; as I've said before, they are becoming the Whig Party of the new century--a party increasingly out of the loop, and soon to become extinct. But, one thing that makes me think they are on to something: The Republican Party's spokesperson, Glenda Beck, just this week suggested that the Obama government was placing On Star programs in new cars to monitor every one's movements. Think about it. I for one still trust only signs: Go That Way, Enter Here, Wide Load Ahead, Watch for Snakes, Brake for Dears. I mean, it makes sense to me, at least.


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