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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is 84 degrees at the moment with a humidity point of 60%, making it feel like 89. This is the type of day that makes watching The Weather Channel a joy; just looking at what is happening in the rest of the country reminds me why I like living here. Well, that and the Latinos, of course.
And, after a visit to New Hampshire where his owner has a farm, Mr. Clucky is returning to The Beach to continue the battle with City Hall. Mayor Mattie Bower met with Mark Buckley and said that she sympathized with Mr. Clucky and would try to work a compromise. She instructed the city manager to consider a special exception if the other owners in Buckley's condo agreed to let him stay. As I had predicted, the backlash against the hated City Hall from residents, tourists, and the media backed the commissioners into a corner, or chicken coop perhaps. Mr. Clucky can be seen in this painting of Lincoln Rd.
And, KiKi is spending two days here. They poor guy is a lost soul; I thought all the happy memories of living here would bring him around more than it did. Still, he loves a good meal. He enjoyed beef tips in a mushroom sauce over egg noodles for lunch yesterday and Swedish meatballs and rice for dinner. If that doesn't bring back some memories, nothing will.


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