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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I truly believe Miami-Dade Counte Mayor Alverez is either off his medications or--more dangerously--expects the stupid people who elect him to believe the nonsense he spews. While pushing for grandiose ideas like the Port Tunnel and the even more questionable, planned, new baseball stadium in Little Havana--building a $490 million dollar complex for a privately-owned company--he sadly announced that he could give no more money to one of the greatest hospitals on the east coast, Jackson, because ``We know we have a moral responsibility to the poor and uninsured, but a cash bailout at Jackson is not the answer,'' No, honey; YOU are not the answer, and you barely survived a recall recently and we can only hope you don't get those graveyards again to vote for you.
On a lighter note, Anne from Newport is visiting for the week and--although she arrived with luggage full of drama to a household that needs none--we have been having a ball. Here, we were tearing Score apart, brick by brick.

And, it wouldn't be South Beach if City Hall wasn't filled with drag queens as it was on Tuesday. Once again, they were fighting for the right to continue the drag shows on Ocean Drive and, once again, The Commission did the Right Thing. They vaguely issued an order for both sides to calm down, with some time restrictions, but to "work it out". The commissioners are a hardy bunch not afraid to hold noble, or even there own ideas, out there. The show, and the game, will go on.


At 12:22 AM, Blogger Tosca15 said...

Your politicians are so disgusting, they make our's look good.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Alexis du Bois said...

They are the bottom of the barrel, to be sure.


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