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Friday, February 19, 2010

Our beloved Lady Bunny is appearing in an off-Broadway production of When Joey Married Bobby in which she plays a big-haired free-spending small-town preacher's wife. In an interview, Bunny said, "The play is really fascinating because it has a gay marriage theme, but what it really does is poke fun at religious hypocrites -- something we should all be doing on stage and in every minute of our everyday lives! As people like Pat Robertson say that the Haiti earthquake was justified, and we have serious presidential contenders like Sarah Palin who are hoping, as George Bush did, for the end of days so that they can ascend to heaven. I mean, whoo! The heartsickness of politics right now." Oh, if you only knew Bunny, if you only have ever had the pleasure of seeing her perform, you would know how right she is for the part.

Although I view Lady Bunny as a class act in the vein of Lahoma van Zandt, RuPaul, Pia Zadora, and Mink Stole, she does have an "edge" to her that has to be dealt with, usually with chain mail. But, having followed her from gutter to gutter in our New York days, I can assure all that no one will be disappointed; some will be appalled, some hysterically amused, but not disappointed. In another published quote, she quipped, "It has really been fun to see [co-star and former Detroit Tigers pitcher] Matthew Pender, who's totally straight, and could not be sweeter, doing his straight-guy shadow boxing thing backstage. I didn't realize he was a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, and it just so happens by some fluke that I am a catcher. Which I did inform him while on my knees twiddling my nipples." Oh, that Bunny.

The play is at Theater 80 through February 26.


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