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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Well, what do you know?. (Nothing, really, but I will pontificate). We had a day without drama. I don't now how that happened, but it was a wondrous day with Mrs. Styuyvesant-Fish, Countesss du Barry (now von Cartier Baroness de Vermont), Princess Zamoisky of the Zamoisky palace; it went on and on and on, as it always does. I guess it will always. Life goes on, but it is always so easier with friends like Countess Bedelia and my, dear friend, Ed from California (where is that? somewhere out West?)
My beloved housemate, Terry Zamoiski, sent me a precious, little message about a palace named after his anointed family. The poor thing doesn't know that I have researched his noble, Polish family way beyond his wildest dreams. I know how much--in the final weeks of Imperial Russia-- Nicholas II depended upon the Zamoiskis to support his final days. In a way, after Russia had bludgeoned the Poles, He came to depend upon them for support that had evaporated at home. He wrote to Alexandra, Stavka. 13 February, 1916.

The courier has not yet arrived. I have finished with my papers, and therefore have more time for my letter.
To-day is the regimental festival of my Uhlans - they are resting somewhere in southern Galicia. In honour of the day I have promoted Zamoisky to be Wing-Adjutant (A.D.C.). I have inherited him from Nicolasha; he was attached to him as orderly

"Nicolahsa" was his uncle, beloved by the army and the people and dismissed by a poorly- prepared Nicholas II to take over the operation of the Russian Front. Poor Nicky was doomed to refer to loyal and talented people like Zamoiski as "inherited". He would die because he did not appreciate "inherited" people. We were out with Terry Zamoiski tonight, acting like fools with not a care on our mind....."War?.....What war?????"


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