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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's Just Not Me...

You will remember my dog, Weenie who you photographed a couple of years ago at the dachshund fest in his hot dog bun- he was so proud to wear! Ever since that photograph, i have been reading your blog on a weekly basis. On October 1st of last year, Weenie passed (unexpectantly from cancer and I, too, had to hold him and say goodbye) I can tell you that it took 5 xanax and i still walked out of the office and could not work for a week! Then, this past October, I sold my beloved home in Surfside and moved to Jackson MS- I miss Miami Beach so much but two things have helped me a great deal- one is my new pup (who you met and read her fortune), Vienna, and two is having your blog to read and keep up with the beach news/ fun!!I tell you all of this becasue i can truly say that i know exactly how you feel about Kiki and miss him. I read about your loss and cried when you wrote about it- remembering all the pain i felt. I could never imagine loving another doxie the way i loved Weenie for his 10 years but i can tell you that i do indeed love Vienna that way and she has taken a lot of my pain away- and you are so lucky to have your gorgeous husband to be there with you!!Anyway, sorry for the long message but i wanted to know that you have helped me and i really enjoy your writing!! If i can ever be of any help to you- i am here!!xoxo


At 10:28 PM, Blogger Ed Grow said...

Oh darlin'. See, we're all rooting for you baby daddy Alexis.

Now get off you ass and take more pictures of drag queens behaving badly and gogo Latinos in their skivvies so this 24 year old can live vicariously through your undaunted fabulousness!


At 11:28 PM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Of course it isn't just you. Vienna's mother introduced herself to me at Twist last year and we have been internet friends ever since. Anyone who has loved a pet can understand how you feel, Alexis. Yes, life goes on, as it does when anyone passes on; but we all need a mourning period to get through. Your friends are here for you <3


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