"the" Mrs. Astor

Monday, November 15, 2010

We just rolled in from a dinner with Henrietta at Miss Yip's, probably the most elegant, satisfying Chinese restaurant on Lincoln Road, this in a town where good Asian and Indian restaurants are at a premium. How the three of us ate enough into the the three figure realm is a mystery (since none of us drank alcohol, and I can't, anyway). Still, it was wonderful.
In the meantime, Leopoldo and I went to Twist on Sunday night. It was not the usual night out at Twist; I can't drink so we had to improvise. After wandering around and greeting all the bartenders, we sat ourselves down at Frankie's Bar One and decided to watch what ebbed in and out. It was a freak show of the highest order. Maybe because I was always moving around or taking care of Henrietta, but we never really noted the high level of madness that entered the club, took a walk around, and then found their base of operation. We didn't stay long, given my delicate nature, but---wow---I never saw so may interesting people outside of a carnival side show.


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