"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Despite the restrictions I have to operate under, we have been able to keep up with the social schedule that exists, and persists, during what we call "Season". It is one thing to decide to drink only Perrier, but so difficult to avoid the innumerable offers of shots and other special toasts.
We attended--as we always do--Susie's Sunday BBQ in Twist's garden outside the bungalow where she works. Yesterday, we went to the movies to see Oy Vey, My Son is Gay, a predictable, but fun, film, strolled over to see Kathy at Score and then went to Twist to keep up on the gossip. As long as I can continue our routine and see the friends we have, I will have no problem with the new reality, but there will be a change coming.


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