"the" Mrs. Astor

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish has finally returned to Miami. Rumors that she was in rehab or locked up in a loony bin in Nashville have been greatly exaggerated. It was a little of both, plus she was taken away from me at a time of great weakness so that she couldn't continue her bad, bad influences. I am now a changed person; still in power at the head of Society, but less likely to fall down a flight of stairs. Now, I am not at all suggesting that Mamie "pushed" me down those stairs, but her constant urging that I slide down the banister with a martini in hand didn't help.

We both took the month to not become sober, but to take life on with a more sober approach. We both probably saved ourselves from certain doom. We are to meet today for small libations at Twist. It is now in God's hands.


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