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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I don't know why I get so moody that I don't post. I have a great job that I love and work with fun people, I have a boyfriend--who for the ups and downs--has been supportive and handsome, and I have the best friends and connections in The City. I don't know, but I trance off some time into this universe of confusion. Anyway, here is The White Party.
Henrietta, The Queen of South Beach in the limo she rented to bring a gaggle of us fags down to Vizcaya for the last White Party event there.
And what event would be complete without the attendance and support of the Mayor of Miami Beach, Matti Bower.
Don't think there was NO color at The White Party...on the contrary.
We know these gentlemen very well; they are conservative international businessmen. But look at what White Party does to people....
...and more outrageous.
A sea of white-dressed men.
Not that original, but always amusing.
Ahhh....the silly and preposterous. There's always room for them in my chateau.
But, the winner of The Most Frivolous Outfit Award goes to her.
In the end, it was my two, favorite people who I will remember forever as being always there when there was fun to be had, or trouble that needed to be coped with. They are friends.


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