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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Countess du Barry blew into town like a New England Hurricane and quickly tried to make it appear that she owned it again. She started with her extravagant table settings. M.s Stuyvesant-Fish and I had all we could do except call in a Chinook helicopter to take her out. Still, it was great fun to have the leaders of Society together again; still, Alva belongs in Newport and let Mamie and myself battle out to be the contender of "Beloved Leader of Society". Too many potatoes in the pot can cause trouble.

Well, our circus party at Twist was even more extravagant than I expected. I left my clown suit at home (it had a stain on it); but if you want to see something spectacular here it is: http://www.twistsobe.com/twist_photosthumb.asp?galcatid=167.

Meanwhile life goes one; Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish has been stopping by most days to send support and nastiness; The Baroness seems to have been engulfed in her endless cases of red wine.


At 10:21 PM, Blogger Contessa du Barry said...

My return will be soon.....All to keep Mrs.Fish on her toes....


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