"the" Mrs. Astor

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mamie, God bless her(for no one else will) has spending an inordinate time in Palm Beach. She claims to be dog sitting, but I don't know a well-bred dog on the East Coast that wouldn't see a week's meal in her and not attack. But this is not about her; I mean to write a multi-book tell all like Proust about that whore, hag, best friend, some day. I think I will leave The Baroness Seitziner alone to do with all her ugly chotkies dancing around her, drinking that over-priced wine we love so much. (The hit of the evening will be when that hideous, stuffed pig urinates on her. but, I digress.)

The real story is about Alva. She left Newport, Rhode Island for Palm Beach much to quickly f0r eyebrows not to rise. I laughed of the initial rumor that she was with child (and most likely one of a darker shade that even Newport could deal with) (mind you that if you read a history of Newport you would understand the open society, You could preach any way you wanted--Newport has the first Jewish temple), Newport was about commerce first, hypocrisy second

Mamie- not the most reliable of fact, informed me that
Alva had given a ball for electricity
"Good God." I exclaimed,
,.Wasn't that scheme pulled over a hundred years ago just to get my beloved daughters invited to that Parvanu extravaganza?


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