"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It was Gerry Kelly's birthday party last week that rocked the town.  As he was regarded on The Beach, The King of South Beach, was the usual gracious host.  God only knows....there were the late Nineties when he hosted Madonna, Donatella, and a bevy of stars at his clubs, Liquid and Level.  At Level, one night, I wore a tuxedo with a cloak of  ermine cape over it and a slight-of-build boyfriend in a mink vest when we spotted Gerry with a pack of stars.  He was so gracious to introduce ourselves to them and, when asked if we were having fun, I replied, "We are looking for Lifeboat Number One; I have a child with me, can you direct us?"

Later, Gerry asked me to work for him at Level, and it was what brought me to understand this town, how it works, and what is expected.  He was the most honest person I ever worked for.   So, a belated Happy Birthday to you.  I will never forget what you did and taught me, Gerry.


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