"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

There is, of course, no rest for the wicked. Not only have we remounted our stallions in preparation of the final charge on City Hall in the name of Matti Bower, but there are more close, family events to attend to.

Tonight we are giving a birthday party at D Bar for our long-time friend, Scott Simpson. I've known Scott for just about as long as I have lived here on this manic island, and we have seen each other through some rough, emotional times. Not the least of which was his dreadful battle with lymphoma, a time we all thought he'd be taken away. But, he still showed up each day, wearing a bandana to hide his loss of hair, and drink his Grand Marnier. (Some institute should look into the beneficial side of that stuff!)

He is a great friend and a greater institution on this beach. This was the first picture of him with Leopoldo; like all good friends, he was suspicious and fearful that I was going to be hurt. Like all the friends, he came to learn otherwise. Tonight the town will take a breather from politics and celebrate our deep friendship with Scottie.


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