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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cinquo de Mayo 2008

We left for the Cinquo de Mayo celebration shortly after eleven PM last night (I was being a bit of a stickler about wanting to actually arrive on the day). Sure enough Pennsylvania Avenue was packed, and why wouldn't be. Three shot strong margaritas were being sold for five dollars.
El Rancho Grande--arguably the most popular Mexican restaurant on The Beach--closes the avenue, sets up food and beverage tents and lets what comes natural happen when lots and lots of tequila is consumed.

In true Miami Beach fashion many children were still celebrating at 1 AM when we left and, although most of the town's Mexican community was in attendance, many other Latin communities joined in. Two glasses (six shots) of Tequila was enough to send me home, but not before yet another public confrontation about that former place I worked for. Get it through your thick heads; I am never coming back, ever. It's just one of those stubborn New England things deeply embedded in me; oh, yeah, and another thing I'm stubborn about: Keep Your Word. The old owner and the new failed to do that, so old and new, just go away and save your pride.


At 7:24 PM, Blogger Peter Barry said...

The Countess had me chained to the range to cook all the food for her Cinquo de Mayo party. It took me three days to do it all. I tried many times to stick my head in the oven but I could not reach cause the chains were to short.Then when he guest arived I was chained in the cellar with the rats . But I still love the Countess... Please send a new Chef's jacket mine has blood stains on the back from the whip

At 6:08 AM, Blogger Tosca15 said...

My goodness Cinderella, sounds like the Countess has been driving as unusually hard bargain. Maybe you should attempt to sneak off for some serious R & R in South Florida.


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