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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The life of Alexis A.P. isn’t so bad after all. As soon as it became known that I was in the market to open or take over a new place the checkbooks started to open; it’s funny how many people still have oodles of money left and want a piece of the action. The main problem in this town is that although there is no shortage of money or talent, everything depends upon permits and licenses (and the accompanying influence needed to secure them).
The weekly get-togethers at Twist are coming along well. Actually, it was time to award something; you know, a title here or a sash there never hurts an evening out. So, Mr. Astor and I presented The Baroness Seitzinger with a little bauble from the house of Oleg Cassini. She exclaimed, "Oh, what a magnificent diamond" and I corrected her with, "We prefer not to think of it so much as just a diamond than as The Star of Constantinpol." I don't know where that came from, but it was one of those things that just rolls off your lips when they are lubed up with so much Stoli.
It didn't take much to coax The Baroness's Star of the Sea to come out either, although Mark Squared was as good a reason as any.

Dr. George and Dr. Brad showed up too and lent a professional dignity to the evening. Well, that was until George started talking about high heels and we fell into the gutter of "high-heel talk". Not far into that, Leopoldo lovingly mentioned that the first time he danced with me was the afternoon of Oct. 29 and that I was wearing five-inch, white stilettos and a nurse's uniform. (Actually, I had adopted the character of Sheila, Head Nurse of Boca for the event. Ah, the memories.)

Super heros are the rage this season and DJ Leo couldn't help posing as Iron Man; I, of course, couldn't help but pose as Wonder Woman.

The Star has found a wonderful and loving home in front of The Baroness's mother now, and that makes us very, very happy, indeed.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Tosca15 said...

A more lovely Wonder Woman......there isn't!

And here's a Mother's Day wish to all your collective real and surrogate moms, for bringing my wonderful South Beach friends into this crazy world.


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