"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Like many of us who dreamed of the day we would be free from The Bush Occupation, I spent much of the day watching TV. Mr. Astor was returning from San Francisco; during the slow periods, I ran around town shopping for his return dinner. He arrived at 10 PM after a 12 hour trip filled with delays. As usual, I welcomed him with dinner ready, the table set, and myself in his favorite, aqua chiffon cocktail dress, two cocktails in hand.
One of our original "7 th" members, Matty May, visited on Monday from Ft. Lauderdale before my meeting with the organizers of the dachshund festival. We did a lot of catching-up, longing for the old days but knowing that the world we created could never come back. Matty's working on his graduate degree and some day we will all be going to traveling Broadway musicals again.
One of year's most decadent events will be presented this Friday at Twist's Warsaw Ballroom party. My discovery of The Warsaw Ballroom was an epiphany; not since Studio 54 had I witnessed such depravity and--in the late 80's in Miami with all those Latinos--it was as if Sherman had said to me, "Mr. Peabody, let's go in the Way Back Machine". Twist brings back the memories once a year. "Well, Sherman...let's go."

And, of course, the 7 th annual Dachshund Festival will be held in Lummus Park across Ocean Drive at 11 th St this Saturday, Noon to 2 PM. There will be contests, fortune telling, play grounds, and much more for all the little wiener dogs. The annual march of the dachshunds will again be headed by an accordionist, and we expect, the people's mayor, Mattie Bower and Commissioner Saul Gross to again represent The City.


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