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Friday, January 23, 2009

Newport celebrity doctor, Alan and his boyfriend Darren, asked me to organize a party at The Tides hotel's pool. I wish someone would give me a difficult task to perform. A very fun crowd turned out for an afternoon in the sun, drinking all afternoon and forgetting that Rome is burning. In fact, when told the Huns were at the city gates, Alan invited the cute ones in for some high-end alcohol, instead of the grog they were used to.
And, so our afternoon party began; after a week of very chilly weather, the afternoon blossomed into a warm and clear day.

Darren and Geraldine ordering drinks; Geraldine wonderfully captured the Nancy Reagan, afternoon party look.

Tiffany was ready with the Michelle Obama look; her time has come.

A girl who knows what she wants can get her shoes into the photo too.

The day, which began cloudy, turned into one of those crystal blue January days; it was finally warm again.

Leopoldo and Aaron van Powell. By this time the sun was setting and all hands were on deck to take a lifeboat to Twist's happy hour.

I'm glad that life preserver was in back of us, because we took it. We'll need it for the next rocky voyage we take tonight: Twist's Warsaw Ballroom party.


At 10:53 PM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

I just can't wait to leave snowy New England and get down to the land of sun and palm trees.

*waves to everyone*

And isn't that great news about Thomas Barker and the Wire!!!!!


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