"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Edison Farrow's new night at Casale on Bay Road drew more than enough local celebrities. Here were most of the most important and influential television personalities. And--as only can be expected--Code Compliance and the Fire Marshall did everything they could to shut it down.
Edison's parties are the least danger to society here on The Beach. Code Compliance officers roam about town like vultures; their only inner guide is to justify their jobs. The Fire Marshall is a grandly-festooned buffoon. He loves to show up at gay bars to count the number of a good time; where is his wife? I confronted him once at Twist and he laughed at my interest at just why he was was there until I told him he looked like he was shaking down a business; I was immediately ushered away.
This city is like a fat lady who feels that all is good as long as she eats more; she allows all her followers to eat, too (there is so much to go around). The bill will come, Fat Lady, believe me.


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