"the" Mrs. Astor

Monday, November 16, 2009

We have all taken a deep breathe on the eve of this town's election; will AIG Vice President Exposito, eager to negotiate pension policy "behind closed doors", overtake progressive candidate Maria Mayer, who has openly stated the need to clip back the extraordinary salaries of City Hall employees, renegotiate pension plans, and perhaps--just perhaps-- make City Hall more responsive to citizen needs?

But if there are any givens in this world is that members of society like Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish trying to grandstand all the politicians by donning a Louis Vuitton head scarf and try to start a third party candidacy in the early morning hours of the day after Halloween. We don't know where her campaign has climbed to since a cone of silence has lowered over her bid for political power. There was never any platform that I could see, except for exhaustive fun for everyone (South Beach's version of a chicken in every pot). We wish her well, but know that the mayor's office can't be run from Ye Old Gin Hall.


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