"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mamie set off to her country mansion in Nashville for Christmas and, by all accounts, kept up appearances quite well. The Barones Seitzinger, however, left town under a cloud of shame. Even I can't report what transpired, but it involved waking up next to a drag queen. There was nothing else she could do but to flee to her place in the Dominican Republic, where--of course--The Dollar goes a long way. She won't admit to anything to the press, but Society moans (and talks) of her.
We had a rather scandalous night out with Alan and Darren on Sunday; yesterday we had a more behaved afternoon with Adelino and today a very tasteful lunch on Lincoln Rd. We are saving out energy for tomorrow when we will have Henrietta in tow.
The spirit of anarchy is rising by the hour as New Years Eve approaches; thank God for those Latinos.

Some architects just don't look beyond the blueprint for what their design will inspire.


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