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Friday, December 18, 2009

Baroness Seitzinger's Christmas Party

Baroness Seitzinger's carriage arrived on time in a driving rain to pick us up. She was in it and commented, "What a lovely bag. Is it Coach?" "Prrrrrada", I replied, rolling the "R's". "Bitch," she sneered. Round one went to the Astors.
It was with equal amounts of fascination and dread that we attended The Baroness's "get-together", but we were all fully entertained by the decoration of her high-rise pad.
Firstly, there was the nativity scene; I have my qualms about such things, but the figurines were of the best Italian ceramics. (My, my; where do you store them the rest of the year?)

I've seen this pig-madame before, seated in an antique child's chair. I don't know what to make of it really; at one moment I'm repulsed and the next, seduced.

The pig madame guards an exceptional example of Baroness Seitzinger's eclectic tastes: The Mermaid Figurine, the over-sized jewels (including The Star of Constantinople we gave her) in the middle, and the nutcracker dildo... My, oh my.

Her tree ornaments were surreal: bloated fish-woman faces, harlots, grotesque creatures everywhere.

And, then, there was the Tim Burtonish snowman; truely, this went on and on throughout her apartment. What a joy her party was.

My friend, Ed Grow, has demanded boy pics all the time, so I submit this lovely missive of our bartender's fashion sense at Twist's Christmas party.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Ed Grow said...

Yes, I do demand. "Thank you Eve, I'll have a martini, very dry."



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