"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We managed both Christmas parties and even managed to leave with some dignity. Poor Mamie moaned today that she was suffering from a hangover from "The Hangover Hall of Fame", but we told her she had to put her Happy Hat on and attend Baroness Seitzinger's holiday party tonight. We are expecting a great spread with all that (new) money The Baroness likes to flaunt; she's even sending her carriage to pick us up. There is no difference between new money and old on Miami Beach; just have a lot of it and the island is yours.

Several people reported to me today that The Palace's Christmas party was a dud and few attended. What have they done to that place? Two years ago we entertained hundreds, although that seems to be a million years ago. Rumors are rampant that it doesn't have long to live.
And, here is another sweetie from Germany who has been visiting for several years. It is very difficult to pull off colors like this, but we thought he succeeded magnificently.


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