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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We are treading across minefields; tonight we are going to two Christmas parties, The 11th Street Diner's and Twist's. Twist approached me the other day to make some of the holiday dishes, which just tickled me pink. Fortunately, both venues are next to each other.

While shopping yesterday I ran into my old pal, Emiliano. What a cutie. Pimpernel never fails to remind me that he was there the day Emiliano came in looking for a job; I gave him a five-second interview and hired him at the first smile. It was a move I--or anyone else--never regretted. He is now bartending at Club 721 at the old Laundry Bar space. He told me it is the usual mixed crowd, but on Thursday's there is a "gay night"; I told him that is like Score having a "Latino night". Every night is gay and Latin in Miami. We have to luscious holiday party to attend tomorrow at Baroness Seitzinger's; after that, Emiliano.

Here's the body that goes with the face.

And, things must be picking up. I was approached by the managers of two clubs this week to meet and discuss what we can to in the new year; hopefully it will be a better year for everyone.


At 1:16 AM, Blogger Ed Grow said...

...and I'm on the next flight to Miami Beach. We in California want more sexy times pictures.


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