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Friday, March 12, 2010

After an entire afternoon with The Countess at the pool party, we still managed to squeeze in the birthday party of DJ Leo's boyfriend, Sean. It was a weekend that never seemed to end.
Sunday was a wild day that began with wine for breakfast by the pool with whomever had crashed that night, an afternoon with The Countess, and an evening with Henrietta. I've always been one for "a look", and these two didn't get by my scrutiny. I wonder if they know who Peter Berlin was?

Dustin Reffka is one of the great, young party promoters here in town; his Tuesday nights at Twist, The Fun House, have become quite the event. Henrietta's 69 th birthday party will be held on Sunday, March 21. Copies of my book will finally be available in a public way. There are only fifty of them published with Henrietta's personal collection of photographs going back to the Fifties.

And, as if my life isn't difficult enough, I have asked that people do not pee in the pool. After the night of the twelve college boys, we noticed that the PH level of the pool had been noticeable changed by pee. Of course, this just made it all the more interesting to frolic in and we didn't do anything about it for two days.


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