"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I used to call Mike Burke "The Thorn in City Hall's Side", but, now, I believe he is the sword in the county's side. Of his many announcements, I got this today:
Rick Scott (the new governor) has announced a gubernatorial earmark of $77m in pork for the port dredging. this is in addition to a previous state layout of $17.5 million and $120m in bonds to be let by generous miami- dade county.
would it be too much to ask what the taxpayers are getting in return for this $200m gouging? how many new "jobs" will just be for construction? what project was killed to free up those millions? finally, how much more rent, if any, will port operators pay us to retire all that debt? sounds like the tea party is laying out the sterling silver.

Thank God for people like Mike.

Meanwhile, Alva and Mamie start to square off. Thank God, I am the newly appointed Consul of Switzerland.

Also, the former Mr. Astor wants to reach
some sort of reconciliation. He (and I) don't want split so quickly. After nearly four years, our lives are so intricately woven that it would not be possible for a quick departure. Plus, there is his (not so sincerely taken) interest in reconciling. I am of the old school of "when it is over it is over". Still, we are giving it a chance. The month of March will the telling bell. There is so much lust, enticement, and instant gratification that it makes the month of February look like recess.


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