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Friday, April 08, 2011

"Season" unleashes a non-stop rush toward bad behavior. Personally, I'm not against it, but it does have its dangers.

"Season" is almost, hopefully, over. The dangers inherent in it will pass, too (hopefully). Yesterday, I was sipping cocktails with Leopoldo when our friend, Phil, burst in and exclaimed, "Oh, I heard in Paris that you, two had reconciled and were back together!" Word travels. We are back to the formidable couple we used to be (and liking it).

Meanwhile we have attended so many parties that it is difficult to pinpoint one of the best, but I can: The Underwear Party at Twist. Here are a few of my favorites.
My personal favorite, Nicholas (on the left) with Josiah (our gay Morman).
The always enjoyable Mario with those nipples you could bounce quarters off of.
That sweetie, Nathan, whom I've know for a dozen years.
Josiah, trying to look mean.
The engaging Karloz, who makes our drinks frozen and our hearts warm.
Erik, who is straight.....but you can dream.
And Leo (with Erik).

So much is coming up: Gay Pride and, the next day, my birthday pool party. And, of course, the infamous Easter Egg Hunt.

Then, summer hibernation; well sort of.


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