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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Alan and Darren

I first met these incredible guys a couple of years ago; we wanted to make them feel at home and did simple things like moving tables, etc. Darren is a doctor from Boston and Darren is his quadriplegic boyfriend; despite the hardship evident, they were always laughing and drinking up a storm. In other words, they fit right in. And, they always said The Palace was the only place in which they felt they had friends.

We were so happy to run into them after Christmas and they invited us to a party in their condo in The Tides, so conveniently located next door. Sadly, I did not bring a camera because the condo was fabulous, the crowd fabulous, and enough Pucci, Gucci, and Fucci to make your head spin; and the friends came from all over (and good zip codes, at that). I had invited them to come see the last performance in 2007 of Geraldine's Wonder Woman, and that's when I took this picture, all of us eagerly awaiting Wonder Woman to run from the beach, jump on the sea wall, and do her spectacular feats. Fun, fun.

At their going away party last night in D Bar, Alan and I were talking about Newport as he has a house there, too. I told him of the work of my sister, du Barry, and he thought he knew her. I mentioned that, among other things, du Barry sat on the Black Ships Committee and arranged their ball. That is when ships of the Japanese navy sail into the harbor and elegant parties and celebrations are held. Alan said he knew it well as one year his was all dressed to go when he got a call from the servants of Mrs. Auchincloss (Jackie's mother), and his patient, that they thought she had expired. He rush to Hammersmith Farm and confirmed she had when suddenly Jackie walked into the room. Alan offered his condolences and he could hear the fireworks going off over the harbor. Jackie Onassis softly said, "It's OK. This is how she would have wanted to go: Her doctor beside her in a tuxedo and fireworks announcing her way to heaven."

We all couldn't imagine having had the luck to stumble on a story like that. See you in six weeks, guys.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger LARMOT said...

They are great guys...and for those that don't know: You can still dance when you are wheelchair bound.


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