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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Our Friends, Old and New

We ended one year and began a new one with the same bunch of friends; we have forged a great group, loyal to each other and dedicated to fun.

Darren, the Bostonian who is paralyzed, said we make him feel like he has legs, and loves The Palace; we love him, too. (That is the Baroness Sietzinger's pinky ring, by the way.)

You've got to give her credit; some girls couldn't pull that hat off.

Wearing the, now infamous, Fleur de Lys ring and smooching James.

The Family; we spend every Christmas with Terry's sister, her husband and children. For all the drunken, political arguing, they are fun and sweet. The Baroness Sietzinger and Deon being way, way too much.

The only thing artificial about our Christmas every year is the tree, but it is fabulous.

The Weimar Republic revisited. It is fun.
My baby, Raymond.

J.J. is hot. Today a drunk called him a "Fucking French Whore" and J. J. floored him in the middle of Ditmar's bar. That was one of the hottest things Leo and I ever saw.

Connie Chung. "She so bad", but is so very, very nice.


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