"the" Mrs. Astor

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wow. The parties have been raging for a week and it really doesn't start until tonight when shopping and family are quickly disposed of and drinking and dancing on table tops return with a vengeance. Tonight is Miss Jackie Wilson's birthday party at The Palace; that very, very special woman will bring some of the most interesting characters out.

I'm embarrassed and shocked by the avalanche of Christmas presents showered on me by Mr. Astor: two rings (one serious, one fun), Versace glasses, a white leather wallet, shoes, a belt to match, numerous articles of clothing, and--the killer--a new bike. I had already told him that waking up next to him every day was enough to make me happy, but he is, of course, a shopper of notoriety.
I got this gem from one of our most adored customers, David Lee Johnson. A more charming and gracious gentleman would be hard to find, and he is a avid photographer who has supplied us with wonderful videos of the madcap activity at The Palace. When I see his ever-smiling face I have a warm feeling flush through me; sort of like when I see Leopoldo enter the ballroom or know Jeremy and Riley are coming to visit. I feel very blessed with the friends I have.


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