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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I spent the afternoon tooling around on my new bike with Leopoldo; we zoomed down the beach walk to Smith and Wollensky for a light lunch at the outside bar and then mounted our steeds and explored the new and renovated buildings of SoFi (South of Fifth). This was a whole new experience for me as my memories of the area were limited to the occasional peek out the curtain of a carriage window as we galloped though SoFi with Pimpernel to Smith's. We rode up back to Lincoln and stopped by Halo to make sure Al was there and that the air conditioning was working because we were a bit warm and thirsty by then.
Just when I lamented not having any photos of Alan and Darren's fabulous party at their condo in the Tides, some magically arrived from Darren. This is Diana, a stunning woman who has worked for The Tides for many years and who--when I remarked that I loved her Doris Day hairdo-- corrected me with, "June Allyson".
A very, very happy couple.

J.J., D Bar's indispensable manager, with his wife and Ditmar.

Acting up towards the end of the party. The couple on the right are from Newport (there are a lot of them around this time of year). What a grand event, crowd, and apartment.
Thanks Darren and Alan.


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Did you actually ride your bike on the streets? I give you tons of credit. I never ride outside of my complex...the traffic scares me to death!!

The Tides looks fantastic. Maybe that might be my next southern palace!! Although I did like the Carlyle very much.


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