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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm intrigued by the eyes of Tiina (from Finland) and Pressi (from Bulgaria); they could have been separated a birth.

Things have deceptively turned quiet in the days after New Years, but Art Deco Weekend is set for next weekend at the same time 4,500 gay men arrive into town for the yearly gay cruise from Miami (most leave from Ft. Lauderdale). We were bouncing around ideas for naval themes as well as planning The Palace "float" for the Art Deco parade. We centered around the idea of an "I Love Lucy" theme with Leopoldo being Ricky Ricardo. Oh, dear; more planning. Where do I possibly find a conga drum, or whatever that thing he played? As for the naval party, Geraldine will do the famous Titanic number where she climbs a ladder with a Titanic life preserver, throws the jewel over her back, takes out a chunk of ice, pulls out a pair of swim flippers and strips into a wet suit. When asked what we could do to compliment the act, I suggested sailor caps and the Oriental Trading Company came to mind. They always seem to have what I need, although I was told it was created by a guy from Nebraska, not Shanghai.


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