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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Brief Reign of Bedelia

Countess Bedelia continued to position herself for prominence and the lust for power and adoration was too much even for her partner in crime, my sister du Barry. Upon my return from a brief abdication, Bedelia was found sitting at the middle of the railing, backed-up by fawning lackeys (most of them mine). The crowd on the sidewalk kept yelling, "Countess, Countess"; some even scaled the railing to kiss her. It was positively revolting, and even du Barry was rolling her eyes and gagging. I bit my tongue; time was on my side.

And this...dancing on the street like a native. Most of us were left speechless.
Just look at her. So confidant, so bejeweled, so in charge--for a few days, that's all. She and du Barry left Tuesday for Jupiter. I wish I could say it was to the planet of the same name, but it was to the ritzy island next to Palm Beach. They left with the threat, "We'll be back".

Lots and lots of cuties were in attendance.

Late into the night, mayhem took over with straight boys stripping, socialites tripping, and even street thugs joining in. I could only sigh when I remembered the days of The 7th Gay Calvary led by the faithful Captain Jeremy; he would never have allowed such things to happen (without joining in, of course).

We took a brief exit of the social carnage Bedelia was causing and returned to civilization at the birthday dinner for Alan in the extremely posh dining room of The Tides, where he and Darren have a condo. It was splendid and soothing, and Mr. Astor and I thank them for inviting us. It was a distinct honor.

The stylish Diana (the "June Allison" of Alan and Darren's party some months back) was on hand, too. She's been a manager of The Tides for many years.

It was unanimously decided that Darren was a "chick magnet" and that this could be a useful tool in affairs of Court.

This one had to go; I had found the perfect victim for my poisoned hat pin. After her body was later found in the alley, I paid The Wire to headline the story: "Floozy Found Dead Of Apparent Overdose".

Best friends and co-workers and two hot Mexican movie-star types, Lloyd and Leopoldo. In the end--as always-a riotously fun weekend.


At 2:03 PM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Stuck in the airport for the next few hours; coming back to The Palace to find my "fawning lackeys" and kick some ass.

p.s. Your sister says hello.


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