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Monday, May 12, 2008

Dawn to Dusk Drag

It never seemed to end. I was surrounded, immersed, and totally thrilled that my Sunday began and ended with drag queens around me. Most of the afternoon was taken up with The Girly Brunch in attendance with the newly returned, Pimpernel; there will never be a clear count of just how many bottles of bubbly we plowed through.

Then there was the abduction to Azuca, a place of great entertainment. Hispanic drag queens put their soul into their work; I learned this at L'Esquelita (literally "the Little School House) in Manhattan. Once you got by the goons who patted you down, the drag world was open and I had several romantic interludes (these were my wild days) on the dance floor. Last night's memory will always be the drag fight on the dance floor.

I saw it coming. We had noticed a rather tragic queen prancing around early in the evening with a vase of equally tragic flowers. One glamorous drag queen performing in a lemon yellow gown refused the tragic one's dollar tip; my alarm started to go off. Lemon Yellow waved off the dollar and The Tragic One became furious and wrestled her to the floor, pulling down her yellow panty hose. Security quickly jumped in but not before a lemon yellow, glitter pump went missing (later found under a table). I love stuff like this. That's Entertainment. Of course, it wasn't long after that I wanted to leave (being satiated and all) and it took a half hour to get a cab to come; still it was amazing and I was with one of the tallest, most handsome Latins in the crowd. Next time we will hire a car.


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Glad to hear that Pimpernel is out and about in SoBe. And glad to hear that you survived another trip to the mainland....you intrepid voyager!


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