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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Survived

Actually, when you give yourself over to the vibrant Latin crowd of Miami you live. Nothing makes me happier than watching hot Latinos execute The Merengue or two ravishing Latinas circling in step with The Salsa. A great DJ accompanied by a great drummer turned the dance floor of Score into a writhing, sexy people; strippers were upstairs, but the fun was on the dance floor. Surprisingly, there was a group I knew from the men's department of my favorite store, Blaks. I looked at their happy faces and counted up the sea of discounts they represented. When one of them asked if I could merengue, I laughed and told him that I had often joined in with the crazy dance crowd of New York's "L' Esquelita". Unfortunately, that was when I was asked to dance by every one's favorite Mexican-movie-star- type and, it didn't stop there. My final presentation of what a New England matron can do was performed to Shakira.

The pain I felt was similar to a five-mile run this morning. Latins are born with an extra ball bearing in their hips, New England matrons not. Anyway, Riley sarcastically called today to say he had notified Interpol of my kidnapping, but he really needed to send medics--Latino ones to implant that ball bearing in me for next week.


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