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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank God...

...the sun never sets on dinner parties. How else would we eat, pose, and gossip at the same time? Special note should be taken of The Baroness Seitzinger's Saturday gathering; it's just the type of event that warms your heart. Every night this week The Baroness has held meetings in preparation of this dinner. The first was about the music installation as her system had gone on the blink and she wasn't about to let that hinder her social aspirations; leaked correspondence revealed that there was a general meeting with her sound engineer, Mark 1, with a bottle of scotch utilized to wax the minds. On Tuesday, the sound system was installed while she met with her meal planner, Mark 2. Word was sent early today that the china to be used was of national importance (and, I've seen it; it is fierce). No word yet on what meeting will be held tomorrow, but I did get a smuggled photo out of the dinner napkins she was having ironed (I and SO glad I am not the only one who irons their dinner napkins. I mean, I'm not so crazy as to iron underwear, but napkins...it's part of the show.) I have planted spies outside her gracious apartment to keep us up on the latest plans.

Then, on Sunday, Pimpernel will host one of his renowned lunches. We all know no one leaves his home unsatisfied but, this one is billed as "The Daiquiri Brunch". That sounds dangerous and, that is what makes this town tick.

Then--as if it is a thumbing at the nose of the end of season--a whirlwind of club parties begins to sweep up your time like a broom to cookie crumbs under the table. Thomas Barker, Twist, Andres from Gem, Dustin Refka, and many others are about to do what they do best: Make People Happy.


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