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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Without much of a miss of beat, let alone a nap, we quickly switched from pool mode to fashion goose step in order to prepare ourselves to accompany Henrietta to Twist's notorious Warsaw Ballroom party.
As usual, we had the honor and the duty to escort Henrietta, The Queen of South Beach, out for the evening. She glimmered in diamonds and fox. At one point an admirer asked, "Just how many animals had to die for your cape tonight?" to which The Queen replied, "Just how many animals did I have to fuck in order to pay for it?" It doesn't get better than that. My baby looked GOOOOOD.

Troubled times have created an abundance of sycophants.

We got to know Nicholas from his relationship with our BBC friend, Neil Bull.

What a wonderful evening it was to once again escort The Queen of South Beach on her appointed rounds. Call me crazy, but I love this.

In the end, we were lucky to run into some normal people...ha, ha. Good ol' Thomas Barker and his engaging boyfriend, Jonathan, were there to lend us some support in trying to land our crazy evening down.
Warsaw doesn't happen more than once a year, and we are extremely grateful for that.


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