"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've got to go back to Pusilla's cake hat; I just love stuff like this. Countess Bedelia has officially given me the day off, which is good, because I just can't keep up with her. She has Officer Brian and Mark 1 with her today; presumably she will drink them under the table like she did to me, yesterday. All of this leads up to the grand pool party at The Surfcomber where she rents a pavilion and is treated like royalty. We went to a pre-party there last night and to say that the lackeys were groveling before her would be no exaggeration. I have preserved all of the hats from last year's party that the late Countess du Barry made. Much has been made of du Barry's death, but I'm not easily fooled. I know for a fact that she is in the witness protection program, having to actually endure a stay in Vermont working at a lesbian maple syrup farm. She's back in Newport, which is good for Newport; her polo parties were deeply missed and we can now depend on her abilities to entertain again.


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